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Healing Tricia

Even before  the oncologist told me about the tumour that had grown as a recurrence of ovarian cancer, I’d already made my mind up to look for an alternative route to healing rather than the surgery and chemo I’d experienced a year before.  Whatever life lay before me, I didn’t want to spend it with my mind, body and spirit battered into submission as it had been with the mainstream approach I’d unquestioningly submitted to previously.  I wanted to remain me for as long as I possibly could.  I felt like a rebel, knowing that my plan for my future might not be approved of by the oncologist sitting in front of me who, in conjunction with her equally caring partner, had been responsible for my treatment up until this moment.

As it happened my decision was well-timed.  At the meeting, as well as informing me about the size of the tumour and telling me how firmly crammed between my bladder and bowel it was, the doctor also informed me that the tumour was inoperable and that any treatment they could offer, which would include chemo, would essentially be palliative.

So began a crash course in cancer treatment and a chain of events and interactions with so many gorgeous, generous and truly inspirational people that led me to Patricia Peat of Cancer Options.

Patricia was absolutely marvellous in helping to devise a plan to be used as a holistic approach to healing. Thanks to her wisdom and expertise, and due to much wider reading and so many earnest conversations, I began to follow a healing protocol that worked beautifully.  I know this to be true because, at the same time as I started the plan, I was offered the opportunity to begin a clinical trial of immunotherapy.  In order to qualify for the clinical trial, I had to have a second CT scan only eight weeks after the one that had so clearly shown a recurrence.

I’m sure you can imagine my delight when the research oncologist told me the tumour had shrunk by roughly half and my CA125 had dropped from nearly 300 to 63 in the eight week period.  As a result, I was told, I no longer met the requirements to begin the trial.  A happy additional consequence of this was that my ongoing treatment would continue to be purely alternative.  How I smiled when the oncologist told me that at the multi-disciplinary meeting they’d all been scratching their heads.  What had happened to the tumour made no sense to them; they had no explanation to offer!

This, then, is the layered protocol I followed to achieve these results:

  1. Good nutrition to build immunity, reduce cancer growth and to prevent cachexia
  2. Supplements to repair my immune system and to act on the cancer
  3. Strategies to reduce the momentum of the cancer
  4. Stronger treatment approaches as an alternative to chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  5. Detoxification
  6. Epigenetics
  7. Emotional and spiritual well-being

You can download my full protocol here: Healing Tricia.  If you have any advice, comments or suggestions to offer, I’d love to hear from you.



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Welcome to my blog

Who’d have thought deciding on a name for a blog would be so difficult!

My goodness, we’ve come up with so many different names that it’s felt like deciding on a name for a baby.  Some of the front runners now seem so wrong it makes me chuckle – my favourite of them being Honey, I Shrunk the Tumour!

A decision has finally been made and I would love to welcome you to this little blog – Healing Tricia!